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Save as template

Mar 29 at 2:19 PM
This might not fully touch the responsive theme but maybe you can give me a hint as there are several developers and deep-dived users here.
I'm currently using the solution from Nov. 16. I reworked the masterpage as there were some points to do for me (setting the navigation somewhere else, installing a footer, etc.) and created a new pagelayout. Up here everything's fine (besides the fact that I had to switch some head-information to get the modern suite-nav-bar).

My problem now is, that I have to use masterpage and pagelayout for other sites. So I created a template (I know, it's unsupported by Microsoft) including all content. All lists and libraries are in that new wsp, but no default.aspx. It's the last point I need to solve. Where's the content in that article page? Is it possible at all to export the content into a site template?