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Global navigation menu does not expand while in mobile/tablet view - Bootstrap 3 SharePoint

Sep 9, 2014 at 2:17 AM
Hi Eric,

In the mobile / tablet view. The global navigation menu button does not expand when clicked. (It is the navbar-toggle with 3 icon-bar.
I am using managed metadata term set. In bootstrap 2 SharePoint, it was working well. Is there something missed for managed navigation for bootstrap 3? Can you please point me to right direction?

Thank you!
Sep 13, 2014 at 1:08 AM
That button should be working, although I would check to make sure that all of the data binding and JS is firing correctly.

Open a troubled page in a browser and then open your favorite dev toolbar. I prefer firefox and firebug myself. Shrink to mobile view, then select the pillbox menu button that is not working. Notice its classes. Now click on the button, a class should have been added. If nothing happened, then something must be wrong with the JS or how you created this button as a class must be missing for the B3 JS to pickup this as a clickable button with a bound navigation container.

Assuming the button did get a class added, then check to see if the nav wrapper that the button references in its data-bind attribute also had a class added to it. If it did not, then again, there is a JS issue, or you did not provide the correct data-bind element.

If the nav wrapper did get a class added when the button was clicked, then review your css. The new styles are not being applied correctly.

If you really get stuck, I suggest doing the same exercise on the Bootstrap demo provided at See how it is all supposed to work and you can then find what is not triggering on your own implementation.