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Missing applauncher?

How does one enable the applauncher when applying this to SP2016?

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Will the 2013 wsp work for 2016 on-premise

I am wondering if the SP 2013 on-premise wsp file will work for SP 2016 on-premise? Thank you.

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Assembly Reference in WSP?

MS have identified this solution as having a reference to an assembly in it which means it will be disabled when they switch off Code Based Solutions on SP Online (30th Nov). Can you confirm if a n...

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Non - Publishing site Master

Hi, Tried the master for SPO, publishing works great. non publishing however keeps throwing an error, is there something I am missing, any possible fix? Thanks,

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Double click on global nav items

On mobile devices, the global nav drop down items seems to require clicking twice before opening the link. Consider the following menu list: Home Departments Accounting IT HR Forms Benefit Forms...

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Installing on Non-Publishing site

I didn't see any specific install instructions for nonpublishing sites but I tried to follow the publishing instructions as closely as I could. I uploaded the bootstrap folder to the master pages a...

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page layout not showing in sharepoint 2013

After deploying the wsp, page layouts not showing in share point 2013.

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Dialog box should not fit in width and height.

In Mobile view when I tried to do check in check out. On publishing of document dialog box windows having horizontal and vertical scroll bar. See the screen shot

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Drag and Drop box is miss aligned

On desktop view. drag and drop box is miss aligned.

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Navigation not displaying on Ipad mini

Hi, I have deployed responsive design for my SharePoint 2013 site but once I load it on my iPad the top navigation is not showing. I can see the page properly and the navigation bar but the naviga...

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