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Differences between wsp and source code master pages?

Nov 25, 2015 at 3:23 AM
Hi there

I have used the wsp bs3 solution quite a lot, but recently needed to start from the html versions of the bootstrap master page. I had a custom master which was made from a copy of the master aspx file supplied in the wsp. I downloaded the source code and got the master.html file from it, added my custom stylesheet reference and published it onto sharepoint. None of my custom css was working.

After digging into the problem I found that the source code master page is very different to the wsp edition master page. For example, the left menu (quick link) has id=sideBarNav on the source code but has class "left-navbar" on the wsp edition.

My question is, is there a copy of the master page and page layouts that are in the wsp edition in html? Also, why the difference, is there any information anywhere about the difference? Which version is likely to be used going forward (or will there be a fork?)