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Foundation Navigation bars

Aug 24, 2015 at 11:02 AM
In my sharepoint site im using foundation masterpage. I have created a custom css for myself and im at this point, that the top nav bar has far to many tabs. Some of our users with more privilgeses can see most of the navigation bar, and it is basicaly on 2 rows at 1330 px. I tried changing the css files to get it to collaps earlier but all it did was change the way the main body moves, not the navigation bars themselves. So my question is, where is the top and side navigation getting its width calculation from? And if you guys have time teach me how to change the top nav bar and side nav bar to collapse at 1330 px.
Thanks alot in advance.
Aug 25, 2015 at 9:09 AM
Hey again,
I have 1 more issue with my page, since i have changed the mainbody width to be fullscreen (it coverd around 75% of the sceen only beforehand) i have a problem with webpart editor menu. The id of this menu is MSOTlPn_MainTD but for some reason i can not change it in the css file ( what i want to do is move it to the right around 10% since the right side of my mainbody is covering the options).
Oct 1, 2015 at 1:12 AM

Regarding the navigation width, this can be fun when you have too many items. I suggest you look at a jQuery solution such as the one you can find at i.e. *shameless plug. For SharePoint I have found a scrolling top nav for many items works well for many.

As for your issue with web part toolpanes, the ID in question is a table cell. Styling and forcing tables and cells to fit often doesn't work. You could try setting specific widths of children elements instead or consider apply special css / classes when in edit mode to help enforce styling when a toolpane is visible.