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two Questions

Mar 11, 2015 at 6:12 PM
Question 1: Is it better to use Foundation or the Bootstrap 3 framework? I read through the documentation and I have bootstrap 3 as my masterpage now, but was curious what everyone was doing?

Question 2: SUPER NOOB the bootstrap/foundation master page set up already to plug and play with code to be responsive....I have a few html/css bootstrap3 websites I have already madeI, but I started working for a probation office and we have 150 emplyoees and they use sharepoint and my job is to create the intranet site, but the compose looks aren't cutting it and I stumbled across this....I was going to use Randy Drisgil starter masterpage and try and plug in html/css bootstrap3 code into the masterpage, but I was curious...I am fairly new sharepoint...I got a great grasp on using the designer and catalogs and coding within sharepoint....but anything would help

also just wanted to say thank you for the people who put this solution together....much respect and for your hard work you put in
Mar 17, 2015 at 1:25 AM
  1. Bootstrap 3 for sure has the largest user base and general overall adoption. That is not to say it is better, than is a debate that has no end, but Bootstrap is more widely used.
  2. If you use the master pages in this project, then you should be able to move existing Bootstrap formatted HTML into the Master Page content areas and Page layouts. I can't say it will be perfect, but both HTML scaffolding should transfer without much pain as you shoudl be using the same containers, rows and spans.