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Send me your documentation on this project

Sep 30, 2014 at 2:44 AM
Send me the latest instructions with all the screen shots too as separate files. I will build you a nice manual. I noticed missing text in the 1.1 version probably because you used MS word to make the PDF. I am a Mac Print production Studio Artist pro working for major advertising firm in NY. Mostly do Pharma jobs, you know the stuff you see displayed in the Doctor's office. Anyway, my boss dumped a SharePoint Branding project on me back in June. I took one look at it and thought... WTF what is ASP.NET, had no clue what I was looking at. Anyway 3.5 months later, I have a clue if not a good solid understanding. I ended up bootstrapping our SP site and it looks great. The project on this "Responsive SharePoint" site is awesome. So I want to help make the manual look great and easy to read and understand as my contribution. I could also inject some of my findings into the manual too, some of which are not depicted currently.

Contact me if this sounds like a good idea. Let's make this happen.

I work for a small firm within Publicis Groupe, a world wide organization and they have invested heavily in SharePoint and my job is to build a branded SP site for our Managers to play around with. Go figure, just so long as I make it look pretty who cares what they do with it. :D