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Report Viewer web part not rendering

Dec 17, 2013 at 1:07 AM
Recently deployed some custom branding using the Bootstrap 2 version into a BI Center and noticed that none of the reports were rendering. After some searching I ran across this article: "Using Reporting Service web part with SharePoint custom master pages" which describes a fix.

Basically I just moved this snippet from the head area into the body area:
        <!--MS:<SharePoint:AjaxDelta id="DeltaSPWebPartManager" runat="server">-->
            <!--MS:<WebPartPages:SPWebPartManager runat="server">-->
That fixed the rendering problem. I'm a little concerned that this may cause other problems since the Seattle.master has this in the head area. Has anyone else run into this problem? Are there other fixes?
Jan 6, 2014 at 7:13 PM

That is strange, the most recent versions of B2 released 11/12/13 should have the SPWebPartManager in the <body> tag. I do believe that Design Manager will move this to the <head> if you are converting a HTML Master Page.

Randy Drisgill wrote an article on this a while back as well that you can read at:

Anyhow, yes, it should be in the <body> tag for a few reasons. There are also some content placeholders that Design Manager will not require that needs to be added in your HTML Master Pages. All of our frameworks should already include all of this.