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Using bootstrap with no styling

Jul 26, 2013 at 4:52 PM
What I think would be cool is if there was a basic template with none of the bootstrap styling, but was able to use the grid structure and responsiveness. I've found that with this masterpage there is a lot of OOB stuff that looks off or needs to be tweaked. Starting from a cleaner point might make it easier to brand.
Jul 26, 2013 at 7:48 PM

This brings up an issue we struggled with early on when we planned this project. We wanted this project to be a solid foundation for building a responsive site on SP 2010/2013 that uses popular frameworks. We also wanted to make sure it would be easy to create your own framework package, in particular for Bootstrap where you can choose which components to include and not include. Because of this we went with the entire Bootstrap install.

This then causes all of that extra Bootstrap branding to be included. It has been our hope that this codeplex project provides a starting place to build your own custom implementation for your specific use or organization. In the case of Bootstrap I would always recommend creating your own Bootstrap package download, removing all unneeded components, and replacing the bootstrap.css stylesheet found in this project. This may mean all you need is the framework and none of the additional styling.

You mentioned that there are OOB components that look off. We have tried to address any we found, if you have any specific issues you find, please add them as issues in this project along with screenshots if you can and we will address them. Or if there is css you found that makes these packages work better OOTB, please add them in the discussion and we will get them added to the next release.